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Maryland, My Maryland Try-It

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marylandmymarylandbtipgscm.jpgMaryland, My Maryland Maryland, My Maryland is a Brownie Try-It from the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Council.

To complete this Try-It, girl must complete 4 of the following requirements.


  1. Recognize the state flag and what is symbolizes. Are there special colors or symbols in our flag? What do they represent? Is it possible to fly the Maryland flag upside down?

  2. What year did Maryland become part of the United States? Do you know what star on the U.S. flag represents Maryland? Does Maryland have a stripe?

  3. Find out how Maryland get it's name?

  4. Find 3 places in your area with Native American names. If you can find out what they mean.

  5. Do a project concerning Maryland's Native Americans. Try making a Native American food or learn a Native American dance, game or song that might have been enjoyed in your area.

  6. Where did the original settlers in Maryland (or your local area) come from. Why did they come?

  7. Besides the flag, can you find out about 5 other symbols of our state such as the flower, bird, tree, etc. ? Do you know Maryland has a state sport?

  8. Maryland is the birthplace of our National Anthem. Find out the story about how, when and where it happen.

  9. Find out about 3 historical sites in Maryland (or your local area). Visit at least 1 if possible.

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